Free Download World Of Warcraft Bot : PQRotation (PQR)

What is PQR WoW Bot

Wow PQR Bot
This free wow bot software was once quite often designed for PVE functions, nonetheless it could possibly quite simply be configured for PVP functions as well. It is going to perform your currently chosen rotation as perfectly as is viable, leaving the user to monitor extra foremost things comparable to fight mechanics and anything else that might be taking place in the get party/raid. Every rotation in this wow bot is one hundred percent configurable, and every capability will also be assigned Lua code (protected or otherwise) that it will execute to verify if a spell should be cast. This PQR (PQRotation) bot also has a basic interrupt bot built in that permits you to interrupt potential that is interruptable (it'll not try to interrupt non-interruptable expertise).

PQR in Action

World of Warcraft Bot PQRotation (PQR) is an all-in-one potential rotation utility program. This bot uses each simple reminiscence reading as good as a reminiscence detour to execute Lua code. It requires undoubtedly no setup.
  • No addons to configure. 
  • No pixel scanning to avoid performance. 
  • With no trouble customizable and shareable advantage and rotations.
That is specially for reside Retail version of World of Warcraft. Using PQRotation on a private server or on PTR regularly requires extra developed expertise as you ought to edit offsets or generally profile code itself. When you consider that I maintain seeing you guys asking the right way to use this PQR bot, I figured i'd make a advisor and check out to comprise as so much information as i can. Any additional data i will add, please let me recognize.

Downloading PQR

Some PQR Profile need an interface addon to work
Here exes For Warmane Private Server

How To Use PQRotation

PQR wow bot only works with the 32-bit version. Open your WoW Launcher, go to Options in the top left, then Game Preferences and make sure "Launch 32-bit client" is checked.

Tutorial How To Download 
Password rar : 

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